Finding the Path Through Uncertainty – Relying on What Brings Peace as Your Clarity

Finding the Path Through Uncertainty – Relying on What Brings Peace as Your Clarity

The Only True Question /Criteria is: Does This Give Me Peace?

Once again, you are on the verge of something exciting, a new approach, a new relationship, a real shift in thinking.

You are like a moth drawn to a flame. Your wings are fully extended and you feel the heat and the intensity. Inside you a large Wow is happening.

When this happens…it is a time to understand that the truest determiner of whether a relationship, a choice, or a path is the right path for you is….Does This Decision Bring Me Peace?

After the Excitement- Pay Attention

As you sit quietly witnessing the excitement…a gulp comes. A little voice is whispering- ‘maybe you want to give this some time.’ Just for a moment…you flash on a picture of a storm. The whole thing came and went in 30 seconds.

Immediately your mind did a factual run down…of all that you did to prepare. You congratulate yourself on this moment. You wisely did your homework…you give yourself a High Five. Quickly you sweep the non-peaceful thoughts away. Nonsense, you are so stupid and whimpy. Just do it.

Over the next week you run into an old friend and are told a story about too much, too quick…and the pain they are going through. You empathize. One more time that little voice in your head says; “maybe that was a message for you!”

The tendency to analyze repeating messages away – when you are asking for clarity creates blocks in your understanding. Try the Rule of Three: Once an insight or a message comes 3 times, I pay attention.

* Your ‘ Enemy,’ (what overwhelms and scares you,) would love you to Over – Analyze and Ignore the insights. Use the Rule of Three to pay attention. The more you ignore the insights, the more vulnerable to self sabotage you become.

What You Can Do When Clarity is Important

A prayer for Clarity…

Meditation Prayer:

“I choose to operate my life with Divine peace, Insight, & Truth. Lord come to me in my quiet times & replenish me with your thoughts. I ask that I be gifted with Your thoughts and that my human thoughts are quieted…so that I may hear you. Lord, I ask for less of me & more of You in my life.

I know Lord…that whatever I think…Your thoughts are more inspired. Thank you Lord for loving me enough to gift me with Your thoughts.”

After repeating the Meditation:

  • Take a moment and run a background check on the excitement
  • Ask in your quiet time for insights…expect answers
  • Notice over a weeks time what thoughts come in when you think about the new exciting thing; Write them down. This might involve having a notepad near your bed

Going Forward

Remember, just because something is exciting…does not necessarily mean it is right for you. The final knowledge comes from how you feel. Does this feel good …after it feels good ? What are my requested insights showing me?

Notice your insights, take careful note. If this decision costs you your peace…then it’s too expensive. The best determiner is…does this decision bring me Peace?


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