Following Predictions As Cultural ‘Truths’ Hypnotizes And Poisons Your Divine Destiny

Following Predictions As Cultural ‘Truths’ Hypnotizes And Poisons Your Divine Destiny

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain; there is no Great and Powerful Oz.”

Those That Say, Do Not Speak the Final Truth

If there is something we have learned in the recent election (with both conservatives and left leaners….) is that those that predict do not know.  There are forces far beyond the pundits at play.  The less we perceive the predictive agents as ‘truth sayers,’ the closer we move to  ‘acting on our world,’  and operating in our Divine Destiny rather than living according to someone else’s version of reality.

In kingly courts across time, it was common to have a court astrologer, soothsayer,   or resident wizard along with the king’s personal advisers.  Man has always been fascinated with the future and predictive measures.   The wisdom gleaned from the chosen predictors often set the tone for choices, weddings, important campaigns, etc.

In our recent past, the pundits and the soothsayers alike only held half-truths.

When figures like Glenn Beck and Bernie Sanders alike are totally astounded by the outcomes it says something about how much absolute fact there is in either court.

Predictions Hypnotize Us and Poison Our Personal Beliefs

Certainly staying informed is an important part of living in the world. However, with the immense amount of internet reactivity, it is easy to be hyper-absorbed and hooked by events that occur and all the opinions.

The real trouble begins when a pundit or predictor speaks as the authoritative resource on an event or an issue.

Have you allowed yourself to get hooked or hypnotized by a particular person’s opinion and started seeing their opinion as ‘the way things are?’ How much time are you giving away to what’s going on in the news and living life or making plans based on the opinions of a particular person’s predictions and world view?

When you allow someone’s opinion to so influence you ….particularly if the person’s opinions are full of fatalistic views, it is easy to give up on your Divine destiny and stop giving credence to your beliefs about your personal direction and abilities to make a unique contribution and difference.

News is In The Eye of the Beholder – The Wizard is Only a Man Behind a Curtain

News is in the eye of the beholder.  Five people witnessing the same event have a very different perception of what actually happened and what it all means.  Sitting in hundreds of mediations it became abundantly clear that there are many ways to look at the same situation.  No one has the complete picture.   There are several different truths about what is actually happening.  There is no one person, no matter how brilliant, that is holding the golden orb of light.

Despite the predictors handle on the current events, I assure you there is more to know and understand.  Time to realize that all statues have clay feet.  The Wizard is only a man behind a curtain.    At the end of the day, no one has it all or knows all.

If You Buy into Predictions It is Easy to Give Up on Your Divine Destiny

If you have heard enough scary ‘truths” that cause you to think you’re not going to succeed, then you have been hypnotized by the predictions.  Time to exhale and understand that difficult times have always called forth the greatest qualities in people.

It is a fact that in unusual times there have always been those who do well in spite of what is going on around them.

According to Thich Nhat Hanh, “No mud, no lily.’

Resetting Your Resolve – Let Your Divine Destiny Be the Positive Predictor

The largest danger with buying into predictions is that it concretizes, finalizes, and negates anything other than the prediction.   In order to buy into a prediction totally, you must give up on your own point of view and any sense of personal destiny that is not in agreement with the prediction.

Destinies are larger than world events, a person’s bank account, and college degrees.   There is an inherent and Divine intention that is a person’s birthright and larger reason to be.

Letting your focus rest in your Divine destiny sets you up to receive the special graces that are available for those that follow a Higher intention.  I truly experience that the Divine finds a way to fully support what is Divinely intended. What this requires is that we stand in faith and agreement around this destiny and not allow our vision to be hypnotized and obstructed by someone else’s concerns.

I invite you to step outside of culture hypnotism to pundits, predictors, and the news and ask yourself:

  1. What are my unique passions (my Divine Destiny,) and what steps can I take to make these contributions?
  1. Make a 10,000’ down goal sheet outlining what important contributions you would value making. Have Big Goals and Short Steps to Get There.
  1. Make a calendar to make contributions and actions on a monthly basis. Keep a journal about what you’ve done and what you see coming from your actions.
  1. Every time you find yourself paying more attention to the Negative Predictions than your passions and life contribution….Resolve to return to your Divine Destiny and begin again.


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