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Stephanie Shipper, an NLP Trainer, and Energy Kinesiologist, offers NLP/Kinesiology based services to improve your professional and personal life.Learn about Stephanie’s ethical approach to NLP through her years of life-changing stories and client experiences.

NLP-  Relief for the Mind
Built on the disciplines of psychology, linguistics, and neurophysiology, NLP offers a way to change perceptions, behaviors, and quality of interactions in brief to the point personal mentoring and training.  These changes are accomplished through the conscious reproduction of the patterns of highly effective leaders/changemakers.

Internationally acclaimed,  NLP is required training for 70% of Fortune 500 Executives

Kinesiology- Relief for the Body/Chronic Stress
Energy Kinesiology is a system established by Dr Matthew Thie.  Through unique procedures involving the Chinese Meridian system,  Osteopathy, and Acupressure, this work can determine imbalances in the system-  whether physical, chemical, emotional, or memory related.

Kinesiology is all about stress relief.  Various stress relief techniques are combined with emotional balancing, affirmations, massage techniques, and movement exercises to assist the body in healing itself

Stephanie Shipper, an NLP Trainer, offers NLP –based services to improve your professional and personal life. Learn about Stephanie and her ethical approach to NLP through her years of life-changing stories and client experiences Click Here


* Discover how Stephanie’s Consummate Coaching,  differs from traditional approaches, delivering stellar results in a few focused sessions Click Here

* Learn the ground-breaking communication strategies of NLP, through personally tailored professional or individual mentoring/training programs Click Here

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* Brief, successful interventions for Phobias,  Panic Attacks,  and Physical Symptoms Related to Anxiety,
Click Here or visit our website PhobiasNoMore.com

* Create life long relief for your chronic stress through utilizing sessions designed to produce Energy at Any Age Click Here


“As a result of her many dedicated years,  fine-tuned intuition, ease,  and clarity flows through her work.  The complex becomes simple and many powerful changes occur.  Stephanie understands that each person is unique,  her techniques are as varied and deep as the individual she is serving.”

“Stephanie consistently makes more positive change in one session than in any 10 sessions most clients have previously experienced.” 

- Royce Malphrus, Ph.D.,  South Carolina


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