Stephanie Shipper


Conquering the Enemies of Potential for Your Life and Business

You are a smart/highly creative person who has experienced some small success but always been on the brink of bigger success. The kind of success you know you are capable of. There are times you may feel like an imposter, knowing the successes you celebrate are far from what you can achieve. You keep coming close but always fall short and you don’t know what to do about it…you continue to fall short…two steps forward and four steps back.

The most frustrating part is that the harder and longer you work the harder and longer you HAVE to work…just to keep up maintaining the level of success you have already achieved. It is as if something is working against you, sabotaging your every action by distracting and derailing you, other priorities take over, you don’t have the right resources, the right skills, the right team, the right support.

There is good news…You can do something about it! I’m here to help!

You can make a huge difference in your life and stop being sabotaged! You can finally say; “I made it!” You can get unstuck! Being unstuck means that you can realize your Divinely intended potential and make progress each and every day! This is possible! A life that you are excited about, that makes a difference. The life you are meant to live!

The sabotage you experience is what I call the Enemies of Potential. The enemy’s sole intent is to frustrate, anger and stress you out so you feel overwhelmed and back away from the success you know you are capable of achieving. 

“To the degree we are ignorant of the way our adversaries (Enemies) think and operate – of their plans, plots, schemes and devices – to that degree they will gain on us, prey on us, defraud us of what is ours and have or hold the greater portion.” – Dutch Sheets

The Enemy strategically chooses your weakest areas and attacks your Divinely intended potential… always with one intention…to prevent your success.

These Enemies of Potential attack you as you work to make progress. Your Enemies prevent you from reaching your full potential. Spiritually-minded individuals know they are meant for so much more, yet often cannot get past their fears/ personal limitations to do anything about it. You just know you are stuck!


Which Attack Does Your Enemy Love to Use?

The enemy uses one of the oldest ‘battle’ strategies in the book. Divide and Conquer.

First the enemy separates you from all support by convincing you that you don’t need anyone. Then the enemy wins because alone you are vulnerable to the enemy’s intent to anger, frustrate and stress you out.

You: I’m excited to get started

Enemy: You should be excited, you are really good

You: I am a bit nervous to, I think I’ll call [insert name] to talk about it

Enemy: Why would you do that? You don’t need Divine support or anyone, that’s a sign of weakness. Besides, what do they know about it…you’re the expert.

You: Yeah that’s right, what do they know about it anyhow.

Enemy: Yeah, they might try to talk you out of it, you don’t need them. You got this!

You: Yep that’s right I don’t need them, I got this! Let’s go!

How many times have you been sabotaged by the enemy and not sought out the support of others? Isolation is a common strategy of the Enemy of Potential that may be getting in your way. Discover the unique Enemies of Potential that may be holding you back from the success you deserve.

The enemy is skilled at knowing your areas of greatest Personal Weakness

Because you are given as a bright person to second guessing and doubting your conclusions.; The enemy gains territory as long as you are doubting your thoughts and worried what others will think about your attempts /conclusions.

You: This is such a great idea. I know it’s going to be my ticket to success. And I can do it because I’m so good at this.

Enemy: You know you might not be quite as good as you think you are, don’t get a big head about this.

You: Huh? Well, I’m pretty good though.

Enemy: Maybe, but perhaps not good enough. You might make a mistake, then what will people think about you?

You: yeah, if I make a mistake people might think less of me

Enemy: and then how will you feel about yourself?

You: I will feel really bad

Enemy: Yep, remember the last time you tried something…you got snagged on all the technical stuff…and how do you explain to others that you’re struggling with simple stuff?

Enemy: They will probably laugh at you and judge you.

You: Yeah, that was not good; maybe I should just wait awhile.

How many times have you been sabotaged by the Enemy and doubted yourself to the point of paralysis? Self-doubt is a common strategy of the Enemy of Potential that may be getting in your way.

The enemy knows that you are sensitive to the fact that whatever you accomplish, you always feel that should have Done more, Been more.

Because you have such a high mark, the enemy reins you in pinpointing the times when you missed the mark and enjoys putting you into the self-criticism loop.

Enemy: Wait? Wait for what? You are just lazy and worthless; you should be doing more. If you were successful like most people you would have had it done by now.

You: Yeah If I was better I would have. Maybe I should call [insert name] to talk about it.

Enemy: Why would you do that? You don’t need anyone; you can do this yourself…in fact it is a sign of strength to do it yourself.

You: Yeah that’s right…I don’t need anyone; I can do it myself…

Enemy: So why haven’t you?

How many times have you been sabotaged by the enemy and criticized your own accomplishments rather than celebrating them? Self-Criticism is a common strategy of the Enemy of Potential that may be getting in your way.

The best way to fix what is broke is to fix you. We can do this together and conquer your Enemies of Potential at the same time. I support you in achieving the success you know you deserve by helping you:

  • Learn about the Enemies and understand how they sabotage your potential.
  • Eliminate the physical and emotional mindsets that are holding you back from achieving success
  • Understand the importance of a relationship with your Divine connection…and the importance of working interdependently with grace
  • Identify the specific Enemies of Potential and progress that are holding you back and sabotaging your potential and progress.
  • Develop and implement the right strategy to conquer your enemies.
  • Build a strategy to get you back on track and keep you on track…for life.