Restoring Resilience By Conquering the Reactions (Enemies) Controlling Your Quality of Life

The memories and “Ghosts of Traumas Past” we call Enemies, because they steal your joy and restrict your ability to make important positive strides.

Think of these Enemies as Emotional Scar Tissue – things your mind has created to protect itself from further injury.

Just as physical scar tissue protects muscles and joints from further physical damage by restricting movement, Emotional Scar Tissue restricts, impedes and, blocks your emotional energy.

And there’s the rub! Despite your best efforts to motor on down the highway of life, gas pedal to the floor, your Emotional Scar Tissue, (your Enemy), plants your other foot firmly on the brakes and says, ‘no you don’t!’

your fear has become the driver

Although you’re still in the car, your fear has become the driver.

There is no human being without a few personal Injuries and Reactions…

Fortunately, there is something you can do about it

Jill’s Story: From Tragic Loss to Restoration in a Few Hours


Your Reactions Have a Protective Intent

As much as you hate those reactions, those reactions are your alarm system.

The fight and flight center (your amygdala) has one job and one job alone. That job is not logical or reasonable. The job is to keep your safe. So that whatever has happened to you never happens again.

To be sure that you remain safe, your fight and flight center records a visual, auditory, feeling, and smell-based memory of the injury.

Anything that looks the same, acts the same, smells the same and reminds you of the injury sets off all your alarm systems. These reactions are often referred to as PTSD symptoms, Fear, Anxiety, or Phobias.


Why Can’t I Talk this Traumatic Memory Out of My Head?

It’s not a head game. It’s a fight and flight game.

Has someone told you that you just need to tell your story to a counselor and you’ll be better? So, you went to talk it out. How come you’re not better? In fact, telling and retelling the story seems to beat you up and give you more bad memories. SSDD! (Same Sh-t, Different Day) and often more symptoms.

The reason that talking is not helping is because traumatic injuries don’t live in your head. They live in your fight and flight center. You have a full body response, not just a thinking response. So no matter how much you talk it out, your full-body response still kicks in.


A Revolutionary Answer – Build a Safe Haven

Dr. Ronald Ruden, MD/PhD from Harvard studied traumatic response for 20 years. His book When the Past Is Always Present: Emotional Traumatization, Causes, and Cures explains how traumas are recorded and their potential negative effects. He describes a revolutionary method to permanently relieve the symptoms produced by recorded trauma.

This technique gently interrupts and re-encodes the neurochemistry of the traumatic event so that the symptom pattern, memory and responses are quieted and no longer have the same meaning.

After a session, most people report having a very different understanding of the traumatic event. Dr. Ruden calls this a ‘landscape change.’

Ruden states that people don’t move past a trauma because they can’t find a SAFE HAVEN.

The technique he develops, which he calls Havening Techniques ®, has been shown to help create this safe haven.

This gentle, brain-based method creates the haven and restores a sense of peace, balance, and being fully in present time, with awareness.

Dr. Ruden’s research and years of application assure the most cutting edge answer for a problem that most of us experience at least once in our lives. There is no life without some trauma. Given that, welcome to the Safe Haven or Havening!


A Testimonial:

“I hated my life…it was always a struggle just to be alive.

I grew up as an empathic, sensitive, highly intelligent Jewish boy. My family were stoic second-generation Holocaust survivors. Holocaust remembrance was a large part of my life. I was taught not to feel.

As early as I can remember I have felt disconnected from a sense of self and my internal world and have been haunted by a sense of heaviness and impending disaster. This was confirmed and compounded by my time as a tank gunner in the Israeli army during the Yom Kippur War of 1973 where I witnessed my buddy’s death and lost many friends killed in action.

I participated in 3 hours of Havening and after a whole life of feeling frozen I am blessed now to feel a definite lightness and vitality. Other welcome changes included noticeable softening in my face, my bronchial tubes have expanded, and my ability to socially engage has definitely improved.

I recommend Havening for anyone ready to experience relief from significant trauma.”

Gadi Pollack. President, Lead Beyond Trauma Project. Houston, TX



A Safe Haven Awaits You

  • If you have been all the standard routes and you are still moving in a circle, Havening can open a new world for you of choice and remembering who you really are!
  • If you are sick and tired of having to catch up to your good life, then Havening is for you!
  • If you are ready to stop your Injuries (Enemies) from ruining your life, then read on.

I welcome a Call, Email, or Text from you for your free 30-minute exploratory conversation to discuss how Havening can make an important difference for you in a short time. It is common for people to have significant easing of specific reactions in several hours of work.

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Please Note:

My coaching/mentoring practice focuses on the treatment and balancing of reactions to fears and traumatic responses as well as the restoration of positive life experience and important spiritual direction. 

I do not diagnose or treat psychological disorders (i.e. depression, anxiety disorders etc.)  My experience and 33 years of experience have taught me that, when the reactions to fears /and traumatic responses are calmed, then many diagnoses simply change for the better – or disappear.

Free Workshop: After the Trauma…Restoring Freedom of Choice, Peace, and Present Time Awareness

This free 1.5 hour Brain-based Workshop introduces you to Havening…a group of gentle movements married to positive imagery and affirming words that change the feelings and neurochemical reactions and erase the encoded traumatic response.

Come along and witness the remarkable power of Havening and how it resolves traumatic response.

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