33 Years Background / Therapeutic Training

33 Years Background / Therapeutic Training

“Stephanie Shipper has had a profound impact on our professional and personal lives. She has helped us solve incredibly difficult business dilemmas. Her skills and techniques are nothing short of miraculous. We highly recommend her services as a cost-effective solution to business and interpersonal problems.”

Joe and Terri Graedon, Authors of many NY Times Bestsellers, Durham, NC

Stephanie Shipper

Stephanie Shipper has successfully taught and worked with medical professionals, mediators, CEO’s, military peacekeeping forces and those seeking personal change for 33 years. She is one of 139 persons internationally certified as a Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, (NLP). She is additionally a Consulting Kinesiologist, and is one of 48 people in the US Certified in Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT). She is further Certified as a Havening Practitioner.

Stephanie additionally holds certification in Ericksonian Hypnosis, and is trained in Gestalt Therapy, Drug and Alcohol Counseling, and Brain Gym. She takes special pride in fostering a return to resourceful life focused in your Divinely intended potential.

Areas of Special Focus:

  • Fears, traumatic responses, limiting beliefs
  • Conditions related to unresolved fears and stress
  • Unique solutions to chronic physical /and or emotional blocks/self-sabotage through a body/mind/spirit approach
  • People seeking new direction and careers based on values and dreams

33 Years Success in Therapeutic Modalities that Include:

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP): NLP is based on an exhaustive study of genius, therapists and communicators. It utilizes your individual processes of unconscious decision-making to access, engage, and work through habits of resistance. NLP is built on the disciplines of linguistics, psychology, neuro-physiology, and clinical hypnosis. NLP is distinct from other models in that it provides the practitioner with the linguistic and neurological map for deep change. This work is direct, strategic, and resource-focused.

Energy Kinesiology: Energy Kinesiology (TFHKA,) is a system established by Dr. John Thie. Through unique procedures, this work can determine the status of most any neuro-physiological event in the body whether physical, chemical, emotional or memory-related.

Balances in the body/mind are created by using surface reflexes or holding points derived from the Chinese meridian system. Kinesiology has developed many switch-on points and techniques for the Central Nervous system involving coordination of the eyes, ears, speech, memory and concentration.

Havening: Based on the seminal work of Ronald Ruden, M.D., PHd., Havening releases the traumatic responses to life incidents. It is a complex, brain-based approach to changing the effect of trauma on the body/mind and is gentle, non-traumatizing, and fast acting.

Integral Eye Movement Therapy:  This unique system is a deeper and more effective form of EMDR that often successfully clears old memories and reactions both cognitively and neurophysiologically. It is unique in that it goes to the root cause of the reaction pattern, spontaneously clearing and changing the reaction to the memories.

Focused Relief Work for Phobias/Panic Attacks: This work is a synthesis blend of tailored applications of NLP, TFT, Ericksonian Hypnosis, and Energy Kinesiology. The combined disciplines offer amazing and quick relief for the pain, embarrassment, and social isolation often associated with phobias and panic attacks.

Professional Resume

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“As a result of her many dedicated years, fine tuned intuition, ease, and clarity flows through her work. The complex becomes simple and many powerful changes occur.

Stephanie understands that each person is unique, her techniques are as varied and deep as the individual she is serving.

Stephanie consistently makes more positive changes in one session than in any 10 sessions most clients have previously experienced.”

Royce Malphrus, Ph.D, Psychologist, South Carolina


“As a successful doctor with many years of practice, I had achieved most of what people believe they are looking for in life; I lacked, however, basic happiness & peace. I had invested a lot of time and energy in seeking insights, believing that more knowledge and more control would bring the happiness I was seeking. It did not.

In a few sessions with Stephanie I found the quietness possible through an open heart. In seeking and practicing this connection I developed, in this relationship with the tender heart, warmth, and personal compassion for self and others, leading to a daily sense of peace. I am very grateful for the richness this had brought to my life!” 

Bill Carter, M.D., ObGyn


“I was a realtor with a successful business, 4 teenage sons & a husband who was an attorney involved in politics. I had enormous responsibility in running my home, caring for 4 boys, and supporting my husband in his political aspirations. A typical day was 15 hours.

I developed a case of shingles so debilitating that I was no longer able to work or care for my home and family. I lived life in a pink bathrobe…the only thing I could tolerate wearing close to my skin.  We spent a fortune seeking help from a variety of dermatologists all over New Orleans. None of the medications were helpful. After 6 weeks in bed…in desperation I sought another approach.

In several sessions Stephanie determined that my shingles were a stress response to the overwhelming demands I had on my time personally and professionally. My shingles were my body’s way of crying for help and much needed rest. As I took on a new routine built on self care, kindness and compassion for my limits, designed in my time with Stephanie, over several weeks my shingles completely disappeared. I now have a life and permission to care for myself. My skin has rewarded me by healing entirely with no need for prescription medication.

What a blessing it is to be able to put on normal clothing and return to life!”

Jane S., Realtor of the Year, Fonville Morrisey, Kenner, La


“I began to suffer from an extreme fear of flying. Previous to this I had been flying privately for almost 20 years and never had any trouble. The fear of flying was an immediate onset. I had a three hour session with Stephanie and engaged a meditative exercise to get a complete overview of the problem. This in fact was really intriguing as I came to understand that the fear had a much longer history. Stephanie created and tested an exercise to heal the original fear, and crafted an intervention to interrupt the entire phobic response. So simple, so powerful! Today I use the healing exercise as a healthy regimen daily to help in almost any situation…from general stress, to fear of a challenging situation. I do Stephanie’s exercise and all is well, clear, and safe for me. In the past 3 years since the phobia work I have been flown over 15 trips through some fairly intense, low visibility, and turbulent weather.”

Jim Hill, Raleigh, NC