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Work With Me

You are a person who believes life is a spiritual journey. You are a professional. You know you are meant for so much more in life. You work hard, harder than most.   You have the purest of intentions, driven to make a difference in the world. You work late sometimes…all the time…in the belief that working harder will solve the problems you face. That struggle and long hours are beginning to take their toll on you, your relationships, your health, and your sense of humor. Since struggle is the way your life is, you start the loop all over again by working harder and longer in an effort to achieve greater success and so goes your life.

You keep striving (isn’t that what life is about?) yet continue to struggle. You may have sought professional therapy, just decided to think positive or even tried medication and yet you continue to feel stuck, just spinning your wheels and wondering if others will see your lack of progress.

You are successful in certain ways, but know there is so much more possible in life. The harder you try the more frustrated you become and the more stuck you feel.

It is possible to get unstuck and to begin realizing your fullest potential. To achieve greater success in your life and business. It is possible to live the life you know the Divine has intended for you.

When you are able to identify the Enemies of Potential that are sabotaging your success and conquer them, you live with more passion, purpose and peace. You have time for your family, your hobbies, your friends, for your relationship with the Divine. You awake everyday knowing that you are doing what you are meant to do and nothing can stop you. And the best part is that you are not working crazy long hours under extreme stress! Life gets easier and you get more done and really make a difference!

Yes…it is possible!


That feeling of ‘stuck’ is the Enemies of Potential at work. The Enemies of Potential use your current circumstances/fears against you. The Enemy woos you to think more, push harder, attempt to personally outsmart the situation.   Exhausted by and unable to think your way out of the trouble…you descend into doubt, frustration and stress with little or no positive results…which leads to trying even harder or worse, giving up entirely. The attacks of the enemy of potential create:

  • Fears and phobias that keep you trapped because you focus on the fear instead of what needs to be done
  • Loss of esteem so you doubt yourself and spend all your time making it perfect, so it never gets done…or worse yet, never gets started
  • Moments of remembering past traumas that overwhelm you with panic and prove that you will always be scared and small
  • Isolate you…because you ‘should’ do it yourself and at the same time cause you to feel like you are in this all by yourself and nobody understands you
  • Remaining in the negative past causing you to keep replaying the same ol’ same ol’ scenario and unable to see a better future.

The best way to fix what is broke is to fix you. We do this together and conquer your Enemies of Potential at the same time. I support you in achieving the success you know you deserve by helping you:

  • Recognizing your unique Enemies of Potential and understanding how they sabotage your potential.
  • Eliminate the belief that physical and emotional isolation is what you need to do.
  • Understand the importance of an interdependent relationship with your Creator…then and only then can you begin to conquer your Enemies of Potential.
  • Build a strategy to get you back on track and keep you on track.

Ready to conquer your Enemies of Potential once and for all? Ready to achieve the success you know you are capable of?

Ready to conquer your Enemies of Potential? Please join me for a complimentary no-obligation From ‘Under Attack’ From the Enemy to Awesome 30 minute conversation. I offer this to discuss how this might bless your life and your dreams.

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